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Site Started  25th October 2003.- Now  Revision No.90                                       Date of last updates 26th May 2014

 Malaysian Birds

  Birds photos, videos, bird calls & information on Malaysian birds


There are many web sites now that are posting bird pictures. My site focus on birds seen by our people on Malaysian soil. As the time goes by more and better pictures are posted. The quality of my pictures are not exceptional but I am trying to help those interested in watching birds to identify the "strange" birds they just saw. This done by showing many pictures of the same bird, seen under different environment and also showing those within the same family.

In the table below,  a  quick reference to individual bird. The A-Z birds page has listed bird under the heading of the family Common name. Here, the bird e.g. "Fire-tufted Barbet" would appear as one large frame picture complete with calls and videos. So the names in alphabetical order

Then by Family - on this index page, I am considering visitors who are not so conversant with the names of local birds. In this section, the birds pictures will be organized according to their habitats i.e. Forest birds, ground birds or aerial birds. Then for forest birds in particular, the indicative bird pictures are again listed by their average size. larger birds on top moving down to the tiny birds.

Under the links to "video" I can only point you to my own link in You Tube. The videos for the individual birds need to be keyed in for searching. Finally under the page on calls, I have posted the calls of birds commonly heard. Those calls of the more exotic birds and those from the tiny birds from the bush are omitted from the list. I have my reasons and also curtailing the length of the page to make it easier to view. Those calls though not indicated, could be heard on the links attached to that bird under the page on Family of Birds.


 A - Z list - Yes, individual birds pictures of Malaysian Birds - arranged for easy search. Here are pictures, Video clips and bird calls of individual birds


Family Album by groups - Malaysian Birds search page reorganized according to their habitats. This is a voluminous section in which I have completed the  compilation of 65 families of birds with over 3,000 pictures in 800x600 size


Video Clips - Also view my collection on You Tube. To date I have 913 clips covering 300 species of Malaysian birds


Birds Calls frequently heard in Malaysian parks, gardens and forest edges





This page on Malaysian Birds was started by me on 28th October 2003 supported by a free web page provided by  Geocities. As time passes Geocities changed hands and the new owner then decided to charge while the free websites facility withdrawn. I retained my site and continued with them on  a paid basis. Then came one more round of take over and this time, Yahoo decided that the annual rentals be increased. I left them and found a better partner. I but in the transition, I did not clear my contents. The company have since kept my content for their own use since 2008.

To avoid the duplication of web materials which would lead to my site being classified as Spam, I have started this Malaysian Birds pages in a varied style. Over the last few years, much more birds pictures were updated, format also upgraded with written content added. This website serves as my personal archive as well.  I have stop taking note of the number of images I made for this site. There are small thumbnail photos which took the numbers to 13,546 pictures, many of them double posted as enlarged 800X600 pictures. I have slow the pace of updating this page in 2013 and early part of this year. I am back now.

My first exercise was to exclude a few topics from this sites. The materials are deemed to irrelevant or difficult to be updated. They are Birding sites, Bird List for many locations and stories on nesting birds. This way, I think my site is more pertinent to the topics of identifying birds.

Translating my efforts into websites all by myself, lots of areas needed correction. I seek your assistance- tell me about discrepancies and irregularities